7 Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses In Winter

Felix Lee

As contact lenses go through hardly any significant damage during hot seasons, it is the cold that you need to be aware of – particularly winter. When it comes to winter, you have to deal with cold, dry, air when you are outdoors and dry heat while you are indoors. All of these winter elements most of the time have a drying effect on your eyes. This becomes even more evident if you wear contact lenses.


Apart from choosing the right contact lenses including coloured contacts, here are 7 tips to ensure that you ski through winter with a healthy and vibrant breeze.

5 Reasons You Should Buy Lace Front Wigs

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Lace front wigs are wigs that have a sheer mesh panel attached to the front of the wig, and that mesh is attached to a stronger wig cap. So, why should you choose to buy lace front wigs? Here are 5 main benefits to wearing lace front wigs that you would want to know before deciding to purchase one.

Are Halloween Colored Contacts Safe To Wear

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Halloween cosmetic contact lenses mask your eye color completely and help you awake the witchery in you. Halloween cosmetic contact lenses, although considered safe to wear, call to consult your optometrist especially if you have never worn cosmetic contacts before.