Lace front wigs have recently skyrocketed into popularity, especially since Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Beyonce, and Kylie Jenner were spotted wearing them. So what exactly is it? Lace front wigs are wigs that have a sheer mesh panel attached to the front of the wig, and that mesh is attached to a stronger wig cap. Most of the time, there will be excess lace still attached to the front of the wig and is usually trimmed according to your own hairline. This gives the appearance of real hair attached to your scalp instead of a wig, so you will need to wear the wig and trim the access with a sharp scissors accordingly. So, why should you choose to buy lace front wigs? Here are 5 main benefits to wearing lace front wigs that you would want to know before deciding to purchase one.

Easy to Wear

Lace front wings are usually very stretchable, and that makes it easier to put on and remove without the help of professional stylists. Hair strands are usually woven and sewn into the lace front, and it lies flat against your own hair, making it look even more natural. You can wear a lace front wig without wig glue although there are some people who would rather use wig glue just in case.

If you think that you need something to help you tuck all your loose hair strands and secure your natural hair carefully, then you can try wearing a wig cap under your wig. It also makes it easier to adjust your lace front wig since you don’t have to keep tucking all the loose hair in when trying to slide the flyaway in place.

Versatility in Styling

Since lace front wigs are made to look like your natural hair, you can style it any way you want. You can tie it into a half ponytail, low ponytail and even part your fringe however you like; you can even tuck it behind your ear naturally. Since lace front wigs do not have a set parting and look like the hair is actually growing from your scalp, you can even use your fingers to naturally run through your hair without worrying about your parting coming undone. 

One of the reasons lace front wigs have suddenly become a popular fashion trend is due to the fact that you can style it in so many different ways; you can even use hot styling tools as some premium synthetic wigs are even heat resistant. So instead of weaving hair extensions into your own hair, or coloring your hair so often that you damage it, you can change your hairstyle anytime with these wigs. There are so many styles you can play around with; you can sport curly hair today and a bright multicolored straight hair tomorrow, and maybe something shiny for that weekend party. You can part your hair on the side today, and maybe pin it all up the next day, it is all up to you. With lace front wigs, you are not bound by fixed parting and styles, nor do you have to be afraid of touching your hair in case you mess it up. 

Natural Looking

Another reason for the popularity of lace front wigs is how natural it looks. The wig and skin merge together so well that it gives you a natural-looking hairline, that it is almost impossible to tell that you are wearing a wig. In fact, some of the lace mesh are dyed in different colors to match your skin tone whether you are fair or dark skinned, which furthers blur the boundaries between hair and skin.

Since lace front wigs look natural, many people who are experiencing hair loss or thinning are enthusiastic to buy lace front wigs in order to give themselves that much needed confidence boost. The majority of lace front wigs you can purchase are usually woven with either real hair or premium synthetic hair, so you can style them to how you like it and even do certain physical activities without worrying about damaging it. With premium synthetic hair fibers, you can even use heated styling tools to change the wig into your favorite style.

Comfortable and Breathable 

Compared to open cap wigs or full lace wigs, lace front wigs are lightweight, making it comfortable enough to wear it on a regular basis. It allows your scalp to breathe especially in hot weather since the front part is made out of sheer lace. Not only that, since it has a natural hairline construction, you will feel more comfortable to sweep your hair off your face or tuck it behind your ear. All the awkwardness of wearing a wig can be avoided with just this point alone.

You can also wear lace front wigs for long periods; however, this is not recommended since you would still need to take good care of your natural hair as well. Keeping your natural hair under wraps for too long a period might cause hair and scalp damage or irritation.

Durable and Inexpensive

Although you do need to be a little more careful with the lace part, lace front wigs are pretty durable. As long as you practice appropriate care and maintenance meant for lace front wigs, the wig quality can be maintained for at least a year or so.

As for the price, it isn’t as costly as you might expect, especially if you compare by putting together all the costs of maintaining your hair and regularly changing your hairstyle and color every month or so. All those hair and scalp treatments can cost a bomb after adding them all up.

Hence, compared to stocking a few favorite types of lace front wigs, you can change your hairstyle anytime you like without damaging your real hair and it is easier on the bank account. Since it is easy to remove wigs, all you need to do is to do regular maintenance like washing, drying and storing them on a wig stand properly, and you are good to go the very next day.

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