Maintaining your accessories such as your leather handbags and wallets are a norm for most people. When the wind blows in different directions during seasonal changes, they tend to keep away their expensive goods in proper storage and whip out the cheaper goods to be used, just so there is no mishap and unwanted regret. This practice should be above board and across all your belongings, especially intimate ones like your contact lenses. Taking care of your contact lenses during these winds of change should come automatically too, after all, these are the accessories that go in your eyes. Knowing how to maintain them is of utmost importance. Here, we will show you 7 tips for wearing contact lenses in winter.

As contact lenses go through hardly any significant damage during hot seasons, it is the cold that you need to be aware of – particularly winter. When it comes to winter, you have to deal with cold, dry, air when you are outdoors and dry heat while you are indoors. All of these winter elements most of the time have a drying effect on your eyes. This becomes even more evident if you wear contact lenses.

Apart from choosing the right contact lenses including coloured contacts, here are 7 tips to ensure that you ski through winter with a healthy and vibrant breeze.

Keep Contact Lenses Moist

Using a humidifier indoors is the best tool to help ease the dryness that you may feel during winter, hence this would lessen the drying effect to your eyes and even your skin. Remember, contact lenses need to remain moist in order to stay comfortable. Choose contact lenses with good moisture level according to your different needs. 

Additionally, avoid direct sources of heat such as heating vents and fireplaces. Even though indoor heating keeps us warm during winter, it can draw the moisture out of the air, so using a humidifier could help to maintain the correct amount of moisture in the air, which in return, help keep our eyes moist. The added advantage of cool-air humidifiers is the fact that it has less of a tendency toward mold and bacteria.

Protect Your Eyes

When it comes to protecting your eyes when you are outdoors during winter, just go back to the fundamentals. Wearing a hat and sunglasses can prevent winter winds from blowing directly into your eyes and drying out your eyes. Wearing sunglasses year-round, even in cloudy weathers protects your eyes from winds, snow, rain or anything else the wind can send your way, like debris that causes discomfort, something you want to avoid while wearing contacts. 

Furthermore, the sunglasses also protect your eyes and lenses from harmful UV rays. However, when wearing hats, make sure it doesn’t shed too much to avoid getting bits of lint in your eyes as this could cause eye irritation. Spending a little extra may deem more beneficial to your eyes in the long run. For example, when choosing your sunglasses, make sure you get a good pair that protects your eyes and not some random cosmetic accessory that has no protective benefits at all.

Consume what your body needs

According to The Association of UK Dietitians, an adequate daily fluid intake for adult is between 1.5 to 2 litres of fluids a day, which is equivalent to about 6 to 8 cups of water. During winter and cold temperatures, most of the time we neglect this needed intake and drink less water. This is a common mistake you should not make during winter or cold seasons. Make a concentrated effort to keep your water intake adequate so that you are kept hydrated all day long. When you body is fully hydrated, naturally, your eyes too stay moist even when wearing contact lens. 

Understanding the waterworks

The tearing reflex is caused when there is any form of irritation to your eyes. This includes dryness in the eyes. What happens is that your tear glands go into overdrive trying to replace the moisture to your cornea during winter. The best way to overcome this is by reducing the tearing. Use eye drops or artificial tears that are specifically designed for use with contact lenses to lubricate dry eyes especially when you are indoor with your heating turned on. Remember to get good quality product for this, after all, it is to be used in your eyes. Look for the handy eye drops so you can bring it along and use whenever needed.

Keep away those foreigners 

During winter, your eyes are not the only thing that dries out. Your skin tends to dry like old prunes too. It is a norm to use creams and lotions on your hands and legs during these weather conditions. You need to remember to handle your lenses before moisturizing your skin, especially your hands. Put in your lenses first before you use your creams and lotions. 

Proper cleaning and sanitization of your contact lenses is important. Be sure to use only the cleaning solutions meant for contact lens to avoid damaging your lens. Meanwhile, ensure that you wash your hands before handling your contact lens to avoid contamination. 

Change is imminent 

When it comes to cold weathers, it is best to change out your contact lenses regularly according to the recommended schedule, be it daily, fortnightly or monthly. You can purchase disposable lenses at trusted online retailer like UNIQSO, who curates huge selections of prescriptive and non-prescriptive lenses. Changing your lenses regularly would allow them to better conduct oxygen, reduce irritation and increase comfort. Lenses that have passed their expiration dates may deteriorate in quality, build up in deposits which may result in eye infections and other more severe damages to the eyes.

Sleep it off 

Aside from tools, tips and tricks, the best solution to dryness and fatigue is a good sleep. This will help you start the day with your eye refreshed and body ready for all the many things you will put them through throughout the entire day. 


These 7 tips should help you get through wearing contact lenses in winter with healthy eyes and maintain your lenses the best way possible. If you have specific questions about contact lenses or contact lens care, make sure to talk to your eye doctor. Drop by our online store for cool selection of the latest coloured contact lens, wigs, fake eyelashes and so much more. Enjoy festive season offers and shop for gift ideas now for your friends and loved ones.