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Can I Wear Cosmetic Contact Lenses after LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery is a type of refractive index surgery that is performed to correct myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. It is done using laser technology that corrects the dome-shape front part of the human iris. Lasik surgery provides freedom from wearing corrective eye wear. Even though most patients feel happy and content after LASIK surgery, some still wish to wear cosmetic contact lenses in order to change their eye color. Cosmetic contact lenses also get popular around Halloween. Fortunately, patients can still safely wear cosmetic contact lenses after LASIK given their eyes have fully recovered.


What is Lasik Surgery and When after Surgery I can Wear Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

LASIK allows the patient to enjoy sharp visual acuity, enhanced vision and confidence on one’s appearance. For most of the patients, Lasik provides fruitful results for more than 10 years depending on how the refraction error progresses over time. Most of the patients will be safely able to wear cosmetic contact lenses for color change effect without any complications. However, it is in the best favor of the patient that he consults his ophthalmologist in this regard. Generally, most doctors recommend waiting at least 6 months before you wear cosmetic contact lenses after the refractive surgery of Lasik.


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Lasik surgery alters the shape of the eye so it may be very unusual for you at first to fit the cosmetic contact lenses. Consult your eye doctor so that he recommends you the best brand of cosmetic contact lenses for everyday wear and Halloween. Do not attempt to wear cosmetic contact lenses without getting an opinion from your eye doctor as you may end up scratching your cornea. Although it is completely safe to wear cosmetic contact lenses post Lasik surgery, it is better to have an opinion from your eye doctor first.


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Please remember there is a difference between cosmetic contact lenses and prescription colored contacts/contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses do not provide any degree of vision correction but color enhancement tint or color change. On the other hand, prescription colored contacts correct your vision besides changing your eye color for an aesthetic factor. Some patients would still need to wear prescription contacts despite undergoing Lasik surgery such as patients with high refraction errors whose vision couldn’t be fully corrected with Lasik but Lasik enhancement is further not recommended. Patients who grow older and notice symptoms of presbyopia might also want to resort to contacts depending on how progressive is the vision impairment.


If you fall into the third category where cosmetic contact lenses are required occasionally for Halloween or at a family gathering, please judge your best available options here.

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