Sweety Crazy Mini S White (1 lens/pack)

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👉🏻 Please take note of the product packaging. E.g.1 lens/pack means there is ONLY 1 single lens. Please add Qty "2" in your cart if you need a pair.


Make your Halloween cosplay a real scream with Sweety Crazy Mini S White (Reduced Pupil)! Perfect for your zombie look, be it corpse bride or just your average catchy zombie, these lenses will give you the sharp, creepy gaze you need! They'll have 'em running for the hills! (Or graves, as it were).


Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's included A piece of contact lens + a lens case (for a pair of contact lenses ordered)
Special Best for light color eyes

Reduced pupil area may obstruct your vision. Use at your own risk.


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