In the world where we have too many choices and too little time – Halloween is approaching fast, the most effective thing to do is to follow our Top 10 Scariest contact lenses for Halloween to pair with your spooky night outfits. For your convenience and to help you make fast decision, we took to our huge collections of scary, crazy coloured contact lenses and get down on our hands and knees to bring you the Top 10 hair raising costume lens so that you don’t have to spend hours clicking through the pages. Also check out our Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults. You can thank us later.

Colorvue Crazy Lens Wild Fire

YouTube/ Lucasfilm

Bring hell on earth with Hades costume and this pair of fiery crazy lens to complete the look of the king of the underworld. To begin our Top 10 countdown, this wild fire contact lens is the most vibrant one with shades of yellow and red in asymmetrical patterns, but it is no less scary. If the god of the dead is not your cup of tea, you can try something galactic like the Sith Lord, Darth Maul who wielded the deadly double-bladed light-saber with this contact lens.

Colorvue Sclera Amunet Origin

As the saying goes, two is better than one. On the spook scale, two pupils are definitely scarier than one. Make heads turn with this sclera lens inspired by the ancient Egyptian goddess Amunet. For centuries and across different cultures, a person with double pupils or pupula duplex is believed to have an “evil eye”, of which can kill by just staring. Now, that sounds like a perfect contact lenses for Halloween. This split-eye costume contacts also has a 3D feel to it.

Sweety Blue Sclera Ice Zombie


What could be scarier than the biggest threat in the world of the Game of Thrones – The Night King of course. This blue sclera contact lens will command the White Walkers and bring terror to Westeros, we mean your Halloween party. What’s unique about this lens is that it is not a solid blue but depicts patterns of blue veins that gives you a somewhat diseased, zombified look. This blue sclera also teams up well with zombie costume. 

Sweety Crazy Lens – Blood Stain

No Halloween party is complete without the smearing of blood. This pair of Sweety Crazy Lens has “blood stains” strategically painted around the pupil to create a dramatic effect, perfect for the creepy night out. You can pair this contact lens with a white wig to transform into the ghost bride instantly. Remember to drip some blood tears to make your look even more realistic. 

#6 Phantasee Green Sclera Lens Reptilla

Phantasee Green Sclera Lens Reptilla

This reptile-like 22mm sclera just gives us the creep for its unhuman-like appearance. We have seen some of the most popular Halloween costumes such as witches, ghouls, vampires, demons, and bloody murderers, why not go for something out of the norm for a change and get into that reptilian suit this year. Scaly face, slithering tongue and a reptilla costume lens that features two green stripes with patterns on the top and bottom of the sclera lens, creates the effect of the creature narrowing its eyes, and eyeing its supper. 

Sweety Red Sclera Lens Zombie

Zombie, zombie everywhere! One of the easiest costumes to pull off for Halloween is probably the undead as all you need is tattered clothes, greyish pale makeup, dull, lifeless eyes with bloodshot effect like this one recreated by wearing a red sclera zombie lens and lots of fake blood. Finally, all you need is to practice the twisted, jerky way a zombie moves.

#4 Phantasee Red Black Sclera Lens Tokyo Ghoul - Red Ghoul/Gremlin

Red Black Sclera Lens Tokyo Ghoul - Red Ghoul/Gremlin

Imagine being stared at with this pair of eyes. What we love about this No. 4 Tokyo Ghoul contacts is the stark contrast of red iris against the black sclera lens. This contact lens effortlessly increases the spook level of any ghoulish or supernatural costumes and make-ups and is definitely the go-to crazy costume lens for Halloween. Use this lens to recreate Billy the puppet from Saw. That creepy paper puppet makes an unforgettable Halloween.

#3 Kazzue Mini Sclera Zombified

Kazzue Mini Sclera Zombified

 Twitter/Angie Hill

White sclera lens with black rim is intimidating but magnetic at the same time because the moment you look into those eyes, you can’t seem to take your eyes off them. White sclera lens is versatile in creating different creepy effects with any Halloween outfits. Although your friends will not turn into stone with your Medusa stare, they will definitely leave the party with a constant chill down the spine. 

Valak/ Warner Bros

Don’t be fooled by the sweet name of this coloured contact lens because there’s nothing sweet about this lens. Squeezing into the No. 2 spot is the iconic yellow sclera lens with black rim that will keep you awake at night when you pair this with the most demonic movie character of modern times – Valak, the demonic nun. In order to help you perfect the look, we even took the liberty to find a step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate this demonic look.  

To be No.1 in our list, this black sclera contact lens has to be our most popular contact lenses for Halloween. Just putting on this contact lens is enough to spook yourself out when you look into the mirror don’t you agree. This sclera lens is super versatile that you can pair it with any types of scary costumes effortlessly. You will never go wrong with a black-out sclera lens whether you are the blood sucking vampire in the movie Underworld or the white nun in American Horror Story: Asylum, or just particularly in any ghoulish outfits. We absolutely like the simplicity yet eerie effects of the white nun with black tears and we found a tutorial here for you to replicate the look. You can get the black sclera lens here

There you go, our Top 10 scary contact lenses for Halloween. Beat the Halloween rush and get your costume lens at Uniqso, one of the largest online retail stores for coloured contact lens. Get amazing discounts and other offers when you shop with Uniqso today.

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