Phantasee Red Black Sclera Contacts Tokyo Ghoul - Red Ghoul/Gremlin (2 lenses/pack)

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Fear-mongering red black sclera contact lenses are now in your reach. These Phatantasee Gremlin contact lenses ensure epic transformations. They concoct impeccable cosplay impersonations making them a perfect choice for Tokyo Ghoul &  Jigsaw Costumes. Phantasee Gremlin red black sclera contact lenses are opaque & strongly pigmented to stand out from a mile.

Phantasee Gremlin red black lenses are full eye 22mm lenses. They feature black sclera where as the pupil is blood red. The shrill contrast of the evil colors sends cold chills down the spinal and let you be the attention-grabber of the next generation. Phantasee Gremlin sclera lenses leave ever-lasting impact, catch unforgettable memories & preserve them for the ages to come. The strong colorant of these lenses let you replicate Tokyo Ghoul eyes; thus making it easier for you to unleash the ghoulish side of your personality.


With these red black sclera lenses you can get into several unworldly appearances. Either be a demon, or flash like a ghoul; these sclera contact lenses are appalling & terror reflecting. They are very creepy, solid & are capable of covering your eyes fully for a complete gruesome effect.


Diameter 22mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 11mm
Replacement Period Within 6 months
What's included A pair of contact lens + a lens case


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