Getting the perfect Mother's Day gift ideas can be hard especially during a pandemic. We often take everyday blessings for granted and no gift is more precious than the unconditional love of a mother.

Throughout our childhood tantrums and teenage rebellions, our mothers stood resolute as our pillar of gentle strength. Her shoulder is always ready for a cling and a cry. Her arms are always there for sympathy and reassurance.

Even after we leave our nest, her presence lingers in our lives through the lessons and guidance she imparted and the thoughts and prayers she still keeps.

Mother’s Day is the day when we acknowledge and honour the loving sacrifices and never-ending struggles. That is why getting some good Mother’s Day gift ideas can feel like an impossible challenge.

However, with the lockdown still in place in the UK, the pandemic is throwing most of our options out of the window. 

Neither the lockdown nor the pandemic is an excuse not to give our mothers the recognition they deserve. Here are four ideas that we have put together so you could really express your appreciation this Mothering Sunday.

1. Set Up a Mother's Day Escapade

If you live apart from your mother, you probably haven’t seen her for months since the lockdown began on 5January. While England has since implemented a four-step plan to end lockdown, we are still within the first phase and our social lives is only a skeleton of what it was before. Indoor socialising is still forbidden and outdoor socialising is limited to one-on-one meeting between households or those outside your support bubble.

Take this opportunity to create a memorable moment between you and your mother. You could set up a picnic with your mother’s signature dish or some comfort dessert that your mother used to make for special occasions. With the constant sense of doom hanging above our heads for the past year, make this moment a little escapade. You and your mother can reminisce on and relive the life you shared before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not only would the much-needed break lift up her spirits. It would also create an unforgettable Mother's Day which would remind her that the future will still be bright.

2. Surprise Her with a Mother's Day Feast

If you live in a different area from your mother, the first option may not work for you. However, just because you cannot physically cook a breakfast-in-bed or whip up a lavish dinner, doesn’t mean that you cannot give your mother a meal fit for a queen.

With a variety of food delivery services available, you can send a meal to your mother cooked by professional chefs. Ordering up your mother’s favourite dish from a restaurant she misses tells her that you remember what makes her happy. A luxurious breakfast-in-bed or afternoon tea hamper is the perfect surprise to let her know how special she is to you. With a courier service, you can send your own cakes that you have baked with the same love and care she puts in when she used to cook for you.

You can also upgrade it to a party. Order another set for you and your family and you can share a meal over an online video meeting. You can even decorate the room on your end of the call to add to the festive atmosphere.

3. Send Some Love in a Box

If you think that one gift is not enough, why don’t you try sending a care package?

With this gift, you can send your thoughts and your love to your mother without risking her health. If you can't make up your mind, you can send her a prepacked gift box like this contact lens starter pack. Or you can prepare a personalised care package yourself by mixing and matching individual gifts.

The warm and comforting atmosphere that comes with a personalised box of biscuits, tea blends and scented candles would fill the room with your loving embrace. A beauty kit filled with your chosen makeup, cosmetic contacts and skincare product speaks of how beautiful she is to you and how much she deserves to be pampered. A colourful mix of funky yarn, acrylic paint or baking utensils for the busy hobbyist mother is like saying “I will always support you just as you had supported me.”

The possibilities of a personalised care package are endless. All it takes is some creativity for you to let your mother know how much you care for her.

4. Enhance Her Beauty With Some False Eyelashes

If you really want to surprise your mother with something pampering and yet useful, false eyelashes are the best choice for you. They’re simple to use but their dramatic effect on one’s look makes it perfect for your mother’s makeup kit.

Every woman loves and deserves to be seen as beautiful. And while natural beauty has its own radiance, sometimes it needs a little spotlight to really capture one’s attention. The secret of false eyelashes is that it subtly enhances the eye’s natural look without grabbing too much attention.

Long sweeping eyelashes would instantly give your mother an alluring look befitting the dazzling and charismatic woman that she is. If your mother is more of an introvert and does not like to call too much attention to herself, she would appreciate a more natural looking eyelash that adds to her elegance.

For a real treat, there are also magnetic eyelashes available that offers the sophisticated look of enhanced eyelashes without the tricky and time-consuming process of putting them on. After all, the less time she needs to spend preparing herself, the more time she has to enjoy her newfound splendour.

5. Say Happy Mother's Day with Old-Fashioned Bouquets

Flowers have long become the symbol for Mother’s Day and for some, the two are inseparable. However, just because something is old-fashioned doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can add depth to your gift by using the Victorian language of flowers to convey a richer meaning.

The Victorians used flowers to express words that could not be spoken aloud. You can use the same language for this gift idea to paint a picture that is worth a thousand words.

Send your mother orchids and she would know that you see her as a beautiful and refined lady. White carnations speak of purity and remembrance; a message to your mother that she is always in your heart.

Even if you’re going for the traditional rose, the colours you choose still whispers a secret. White roses signify innocence and brightness while nothing says love more than the iconic red rose.

It is the Thought That Counts

It is important to remember that the perfect gift is rooted in the loving thoughts accompanying it. Whether you’re going for the tried and tested flower bouquets or an exciting themed online party, all you need for good Mother's Day gift ideas is love and sincerity.

Nevertheless, don't shy away from giving your mother the best day of the year. She deserves all the love and spotlight, especially on Mother's Day.

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