Corporate Social Responsibility

To maintain the sustainable livelihood; and realizing the role we can play in bettering the lives of our people and community we are actively involved in corporate social responsibility. To ensure fair business policies, taking both environmental and social issues into consideration we pay every year a portion of our profit to those organization in need.


World is now a global village, where each one of us is endeavoring to make this world a better place. At UNIQSO, we are struggling hard to establish good corporate citizenship as we believe, we owe to the society that had showed us support and helped us moving along when we were a seedling. As a token of love and thankfulness, we repay the communities by donating the profit we earn from our yearly sales to the visionary non-profit organizations that are:


  • Preserving or sustaining the environment for future by taking care of extinct species.
  • Helping children being equipped with modern education
  • Working for the empowerment of women and girls.
  • Helping in special occasions such as earthquake, tsunami and etc.


With our small scale business, we at UNIQSO are contributing to change the lives. Corporate social responsibility is not only a one time task, therefore it cannot be done alone. With support from our customers, business reviewers and affiliate marketers we feel strength in us to promote the “Better Living” in neglected areas of the mother world. Let us join hands for those in needs for every product you buy from us, you will be indirectly supporting a good cause!


Projects Involved

UNIQSO SPCA UNIQSO Woman Aids Organization  UNIQSO UNICEF UNIQSO Global Giving