Special - Virus Barrier Plus

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Volume/Size 5g, 103mm (W) x 180mm(L) x 11mm (H)
Material Polyproplene, Nylon
Main Ingredient Solid Chlorine Dioxide
Expiration Date 2 months after opened
Country of origin South Korea
Function Block/ anti dust, smoke, pollen, dust, antibacterial



365 days of everyday life, diseases that cannot be seen by the naked eye, viruses, flu, common cold, rhinitis, and allergy substances etc., can be cared for by this product. Also, the germs inside the yellow and fine dust are powerfully blocked. Natural eucalyptus scent is very efficient against fighting mosquitoes and bugs.

Suitable for below people:

Family, kindergarten, children’s house, postnatal care center, hospital staff (cross contamination), Super Market staff, government or public office, tourist etc, a must have product.


  1. Remove the Virus Barrier Plus if you feel uncomfortable after wearing it.
  2. Do not eat or put the ingredient in your eye.


More Information:

  1. Safety Data Sheet
  2. Test Report

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