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How long is your processing time?

I need the product urgently!

What do I do if I never received my order?

What do I do if I received a defective order?

How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

Where are you located?

Do you sell gift cards?

Why haven't I received my gift card?

Can I use more than one promotional code on my order?

I purchased an item on pre-order, when will it arrive?


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Where is my order?

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Return, Exchange & Cancellation

How can I cancel my order?

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Colored Contacts FAQ


How long can i use them?

Do i have to provide prescription when placing order?

Do i have to get prescription from eye doctor?

How to read the prescription by optometrist?

Remove contacts glued in glass bottle

My contacts are ripped!

How to disinfect colored contacts?

Can colored contacts damage my eyes?

Can I get blind using colored contacts?

How to prevent the possible risks of infections with colored contacts?

How do I know if my colored contacts are problematic?

I have astigmatism. Can i buy your contact lenses?

Are your contact lenses safe to use?

What colored contacts are good for beginner?

I am new to contact lenses, how to use it?

How to choose

What do i choose if i have perfect eyesight?

How do i read the prescription?

How to read the specification?

What is Base Curve (B.C) and how does it affect wearing contact lenses?

How do i choose the diameter of the contacts?

How do i order mixed prescription/power?

Does the price come in a pair?

Common problems

I get burning feeling when I wear my colored contacts

The contact lens is floating in my eye, why is it so?

How to remove broken/torn contact lenses from eyes?

My eyes get red, swollen painful and/or producing discharge

I feel eye-twitching and eye-strain

My eyes feel dry on wearing contact lenses

I feel there is something in my eyes when I wear contact lenses

Wearing for 1st Time

Contact Lenses Basic Knowledge

I have just received my colored contacts, what to do now?

How to open the packaging, wear and remove colored contacts?

How long do I need to soak circle lenses before first use?

What are the basic rules when wearing colored contacts?

For how many hours I can wear colored contacts the 1st time?

Contact Lens FAQs & Hygiene | Taking Care of Contact Lenses


Terms & Conditions


Wig & Fake Eyelash FAQ


Factors to consider when buying a synthetic hair wig

What is the circumference of your wigs? How do I take measurements for buying wigs from you?

Do your wigs come with a wig cap?

Do you recommend wearing a separate nylon wig cap?